Ever felt the stress of being in the middle of a major crisis and having to answer endless questions as you figure out how to work your way through multiple agencies and paperwork? Mentally and emotionally it is EXTREMELY HARD!
Interested in walking along side just such a person (or family) and help them figure out where to go, maybe even take them there; and then together you help complete the paperwork? (We call these kind of folks “Navigators.”)
RISE Lewis County is partnering with Public Health and Social Services’ Housing and Homelessness committee and Centralia College to develop a centralized navigator training program. It’s designed to help persons experiencing familyrelated crisis precipitated by poverty or unexpected loss of income or housing.
Might you be willing to take this training and become a volunteer navigator? Maybe you could then give a day-or-two a week, or even become the Navigator working within your school, business, or hospital.
We’re hoping to start offering navigator training the first part of February. Remember, we’re in the beta-testing stage of the program, so your early involvement will also allow you to give input into the program’s final development.
For more information, contact Al at: info@riselewiscounty.org; or call 360-304-9281